My Place

This is my place, the place that I call home, tucked in the hills of Vallejo, not too far from VHS, and is in a constant stage of construction.  Its not the best place to live, currently my bedroom walls are partially made out of sheetrock, but it's all good. 

Brigham Young University

This is the place where I will be starting June 23, 2008 - Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.   I plan to major in Exercise Science.  I am starting there for summer term then continuing on in the Fall and Winter. 

Portfolio Thesis

 This portfolio is showcasing my achievements througout high school.  I have accomplished many things througout my high school career and have learned many valuable lessons both from my teachers, peers, and experiences.  I have held a job at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom during my senior year, participated in the high school swim team for four years, and while staying in school and maintaining a 3.98 GPA.  This portfolio contains evidence of my hard work and dedication in the aspects of my hard work in high school.

My Data


I began my experience at Vallejo High as a freshman in September 2004, where I had Mr. Tillay as a teacher for my  Honors Science I class.  This class was the hardest class that I had taken up to that point, my middle school science class wasn't very good.  This class introduced me to the career choice that I am pretty sure that I want to become, which is Physical Therapy.  We had to do a powerpoint about a science career and I chose Physical Therapy.  A couple years later when I was thinking about what I want to do in college, I looked back on my project I did this year and thought that I could see my self becoming a physical therapist and having this job.  And that is what I plan on doing in college.  That year I also took Geometry Honors, Geography, French 2, English Honors, and P.E.  I joined the swim team in the spring and earned my first varsity letter for swimming.  I then became a sophomore next fall, where I took classes like AP Chemistry, Alegbra 2, English Honors, World History Honors, P.E, and French 3.  I almost regret taking the AP Chemistry class beause I really didn't learn that much in that class, and I didn't pass the AP exam.  This is the year that I wish that I could do over and do other things than what I did.  The next year, my junior year, was a better year.  I earned the best grades that I ever had in the second semester, earning only one B and 5 A's, the only B I got was in AP Biology.  This year I passed both of the AP exams that I took, which were English Language and Biology.  I took other classes such as Art, U.S History Honors, French 4, and Pre-Calculus.  I really enjoyed taking Art, I wish that I could have continued with it this year, I found that I do have a talent for art and I really enjoy art.  My senior year was an interesting one, I didn't really no what to expect, since I am the oldest of four children in my family.  I took four AP classes, Physics, Government, English, and French, as well as Calculus Honors and a T.A class.  I had a lot of things happen that I did not expect, and certain things happened that I did not expect. I had different plans starting the beginning of the year and now I look back and try to wonder how I survived with everything that was happening.  I was put on hold, denied, then accepted on the basis that I would come to summer term to Brigham Young University, my first choice of universities.  My grandfather died right before my finals for Fall semester started, and I had to make up a couple of finals because I had to go to Utah for the funeral.  I also became swim team captain for my senior year, with the responsilbilities that come with that. I began working at Six Flags last summer and didn't plan on working until the season ended until I began talking with my parents about college and they said they would like me to help out with college expenses.  So, I continued to work part-time until the beginning of January.  After that, I was thinking that I didn't want to start work again until the beginning of May because of swimming and AP exams.  But, I had a feeling that I should go back to work and when I did, I found out that I got promoted.  While this promotion came more responsilbity and more hours, which I ended up sacrifcing a lot of studying, swimming, and leisure time for this job, as well as the extra stress.  I really didn't expect to be working at SFDK so soon, but now I am glad, Now that I look back, I can hardly believe that I survived having 4 AP classes, working, and swimming for a couple of months. 

Personal Statement

.  “People grow throw experiences if they meet life honestly and courageously.  This is how character is built.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt
My life has a myriad of experiences that I believe have made me grow.  I have had many opportunities to learn and grow.  Living in a diverse city has encouraged growth, by being able to interact with people from differing cultures and races. I see this as an advantage that I have since many other parts of the world are not as diversified.
By taking rigorous classes during my high school years, and participating in a U.S.A Swimming club, I have learned the invaluable lesson of time management.  Many times it was onerous and difficult, but I have done my absolute best.  I have also learned how hard work pays off, in academics and athletics, and how it is so crucial to endure, no matter how arduous it may become.  I know my obligations as a student even though I am exhausted from swim practice.   I enjoy and the feeling of achieving my goals, such as when I passed two AP exams, and when I swam under 30 seconds in the 50-yard freestyle.  I use this as my personal motivation, to feel that triumph.
I have learned about the enjoyment that I have when I work with children, and I gained many opportunities to work with children.  My community service hours are spent assisting the younger swimmers on my swim team.  My current job includes operating children’s rides in a theme park.  I genuinely adore working with children and love their character and spirit. 
I have learned from my experiences in high school that have sufficiently prepared me to go on to a university and life. I am anxious and eager to confront a new challenge, and succeed.

My Photos

I am swimming the 100 Butterfly Varsity, my favorite event, at the 2008 City Championship Meet on April 18, 2008

Here I am swimming the 100 Breastroke Varsity at the same meet.

My Style

My Learning Style

I like to study with other people and to use what they know to my benefit and gain new insights into what they know and I do not know.  I can still learn by myself and I do not give up easily.   I like to use the computer to type up my assignments and my research.  I like to use powerpoint and other technological things.  I learn best from my mistakes, first making a mistake, then seeing how to do it the correct way.  I like going over my quizzes and I learn best by seeing my mistakes and seeing the right way to do them.

Evidence of My Accomplishments

Awards and Recognition

VHS Dept of Foreign Languages Outstanding Preformance French 1

VHS Dept of Foreign Languages Outstanding Preformance French 3

VHS Dept of Foreign Languages Outstanding Preformance French 4

Super English Student 2007

California Scholarship Federation 100% Club

Scholar Athlete

Vallejo Aquatic Club Most Improved 13-14 Age Group 2004

Vallejo Aquatic Club Most Improved 15-OV Age Group 2007

4-year Varsity Letterwinner for Swimming

Swim Team Captain 2008

Member of Who's Who Among American High School Students

Thrill Agent - 2007 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Rides Dept



Works of Art


I think that my experiences helped me learn how to study and tested me to see how dedicated I am to academics and school.  I think that there should be more focusing on electronic things and have a notebook completely electronic and have more preparation for the AP exam earlier  in the school year, and make it emphasized that they should be reviewing the Kaplan Guides and other study materials throughout the year and when each unit is done.  I think that going over the quizzes that we took was valuable, and that we had more time to that specific activity.  I like how we use technology in Physics and I also think that we had more time to do labs because I also learn alot from the labs even though the write ups can be annoying, I know that it is not a good idea to procrastinate on my lab reports.  Going through ther problem solving steps was very helpful, I think that if we would have taken more time to go over AP Multiple Choice questions in groups or as a class that it would help me score higher on the AP exam, when we did do that it was very helpful to me in explaining why the right answer is right and so on. I know that I had a lot of things going on in my life this year and I hope that I could have had more time to dedicate to Physics and more time to prepare for the AP exam than I did. 

My Skills and Experience


Typing, Word Processing, Copying, Powerpoint, Excel, Data Entry


I personally enjoy art, especially sketching and painting.  I find art extremely relaxing and keeps me focused.  I also enjoy going out and playing sports.

Work Experience

Since June 2007 I have been employed by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  I work in the Rides Department.  My job requirements were to make sure of the safe operation of specific rides in my area.  I got awarded the title of "Thrill Agent" for the 2007 season for my outstanding preformance.  I got rehired for the 2008 season and also got promoted to the position of lead.  I now assist the managers and supervisors of the rides department in the specific operation of a specific area, training crew members, dealing with guest concerns, and maintaining a safe and clean environmnent for the guests at Six Flags and the employees. 

Community Service

While I was a member of the Vallejo Aquatic Club, I would volunteer once a week with the team and help the younger swimmers on the team.  I also volunteered with the Special Olympics when it came to VHS and have tutored students in French.